Do you want to become a better runner or learn to run the right way? 

Which sport do you know that doesn’t require any drills, practice, and specific exercises in order to perform better? Why should running be any different than golf, volleyball or even hockey? Our physiotherapists will do a full assessment of your posture, strength, flexibility and movement patterns as well as a video analysis of your running form. They will then create a training program to address any form deficiencies and weaknesses in order to improve your running, address nagging injuries and help prevent new injuries. The program created for you will be designed to help you achieve your goals and target your specific running needs. 

Assessments take 1 hour or 1 ½ hour with video analysis. Your follow up visit will take 30 minutes to go over our findings and recommendations. Dress in your running clothes and bring your running shoes. 

The assessment is done by a registered physiotherapist (and accomplished marathon runner) and is covered under most insurance plans. 

Call us today at 705-497-0004 to book your assessment.