Want to Maximize your Riding Experience and Prevent Injury?

Proper positioning on a bike is key to treating or preventing common cycling injuries. Examples of riding problems are: knee pain, foot pain, neck and back pain, wrist nerve compression and saddle region issues. Our Physiotherapist will assess your goals, your training habits, your biomechanics and bike set-up among other things. They will look at how the bike fits you, not how you fit the bike. Regardless of the style of bike, from triathlon through to mountain, we have the expertise to ensure athletes maximize their enjoyment and success while riding. 

If you want to optimize your riding experience, a Bike Fit Physiotherapy assessment is the place to start. You will need to bring your shorts, shoes, and bike.

Assessment times are 1hr or 1hr30 minutes depending on your needs. 

The assessment is done by a registered physiotherapist and is covered under most insurance plan.

Call us today at 705-497-0004 to book your assessment.