When we first thought of Active Running & Therapy Centre, one of the driving forces was to establish an active and friendly family of runners and walkers and support causes and events that would strengthen our overall community. 

Since opening our doors in 2005, we have contributed to several causes in the area that are important to us and benefit a healthy and active community. This includes more than $22000 in donations to the North Bay Alzheimer Society, over $6000 to the North Bay Nordic Ski Club for trail improvement, yearly sponsorship of the North Bay Hospital Walk/Run, annual support of the North Bay Triathlon Weekend and all other local races in the area. We have also proudly supported the North Bay Symphony Orchestra.

We take great pride in the energy we’ve managed to establish through our running clinics where encouragement amongst runners on the road and away from it is ever present. We have watched the number of runners on the roads and trail in North Bay and area grow which is motivating others to get active, and motivating us to keep delivering on those forces that opened our doors in the first place!
Thank you to everyone for your support- see you on the road!