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On Friday, June 21st, 2019, take part in the Relay for Life ceremonies. Attached below is the schedule of events. 

See you There! 

6:00-6:30PM: Opening Ceremonies and Survivor Victory Lap

6:30-7:00PM: All-Canadian Theme feat. DJ Jay Hart

7:00-8:00PM: Country & Western theme feat. Cory Marks

8:00-9:00PM: Favourite Sports Team Jersey Theme feat DJ Jay Hart

8:30-8:45PM: ZUMBA by Z-One Fitness

9:00-9:30PM: Relay for Life Team Spirit Competition

9:30-10:00PM: Chris Vega 

10:00-10:45PM: Neon Glow theme feat. DJ Jay Hart 

10:00-10:15PM: ZUMBA by Z-One Fitness 

10:45-11:00PM: Luminary Ceremony followed by Closing Ceremony